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Sending a CCR/CCD to a Patient or Contact (non-patient)

Last Updated: Feb 04, 2013 04:16PM EST
This article walks through sending a CCR/CCD  through Updox to the Updox Patient Portal to be received by a patient.


Before you begin & About sending a CCR/CCD

In order to send a CCR/CCD to a patient that patient must exist in your Updox Address Book. Patients in the Address Book are either fed directly from your EMR or can be added to the Address Book by you. If you add the patient to the Updox Address Book and import a CCR/CCD it must match the patients First Name, Last Name, Date Of Birth and Gender in order to send to that patient. When the CCR/CCD is sent to the patient an email notification is sent to the notification email address on file for that patient. The CCR/CCD file type is treated in a unique way in Updox and will display with different options and buttons than other items in the Updox Inbox/Workspace.

NOTE: If there is not an email address in the address book for that patient no notification email can be sent but the CCR/CCD is still sent.

Step One: Exporting the CCR/CCD

Exporting a CCR/CCD from your Electronic Medical Record program:

Prior to sending the CCR/CCD to the patient the CCR/CCD must be exported from an outside location (EHR/EMR) into Updox. Technical support for your specific EMR or EHR can help you with the steps you must follow in order to export and save the CCR/CCD. For our purposes you want to save the exported item to the 'SendToUpdox' folder on your computer.  The location of that folder should be similar to: C:\Users\(your windows user name here)\SendToUpdox

NOTE: In that folder you will see another folder called SentItems. The save destination is the SendToUpdox folder NOT the SentItems folder.

To find the exact location right click on the Updox icon in the task bar (lower right corner of the screen next to the time) and select Open auto upload folder. Windows Explorer will open to the 'SendtoUpdox' folder and you can see the path to that folder by placing your cursor in the address bar at the top of that window.

Step Two: Sending the CCR/CCD to the recipient

After the CCR/CCD has been exported and saved to the SendToUpdox folder is will show in Updox with the key record data from the file displayed (See image). After the CCR/CCD has been loaded into Updox it can be sent to either the related patient or to a contact (non-patient).


Sending a CCR/CCD from Updox to a patient :

To send the CCR/CCD to the patient use the Send to Portal button. When you click the button the CCR/CCD will disapear from your Updox Inbox and will be sent to the Updox Patient Portal account for that patient.

Sending a CCR/CCD from Updox to a contact (non-patient) :

To send the CCR/CCD to a contact (non-patient) they must have a Free Secure Messaging or paid Updox account and you must complete the Invite/Verification process to enable the ability to send from one account to the other. To complete that process you can follow the steps outlined in the article here.

To send the CCR/CCD click the 'Share Securely' button.
In the window that opens type the name of the Updox user you wish to send the CCR/CCD to in the 'Share Record With' field.

NOTE: If the Updox user you want to send it to does not show in the search results you may need to invite them to be part of your Updox network of secure contacts. To invite another provider simply use the 'Refer and Share' button atop the Updox Workspace and follow the prompts. After being invited that individual must accept the invite using the same button.

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