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Call Forwarding to Your Updox Number

Last Updated: May 01, 2014 12:32PM EDT
This article walks through the topic of call forwarding including steps to set up call forwarding to your Updox fax number.

Before You Begin & About Call Forwarding

One method used to receive faxes from your existing fax number into your Updox account is call forwarding. Call forwarding is available as a feature on most phone lines and can be set up manually (by you) or by the service provider of that line.
After setting up call forwarding from your existing fax number to your Updox number faxes sent to your existing fax number will show in your Updox Inbox.

To set up call forwarding you will need to know your Updox fax number.
To find your Updox fax number within the program select the Practice Profile option from the Admin menu on the top menu bar in Updox. Your Updox Fax Number will be listed near the bottom of the new window that opens.

NOTE: To access the Admin option from the top menu bar you must be signed in as an Updox user that has Administrative rights. If your Updox user is missing that option please speak to the person who set up your Updox account.

Call Forwarding as a Device Feature

Some fax machines or Multi-function devices (printer, scanner,fax machine) have a feature that allows for call forwarding from the device itself. to remove potential for problems we recommend against using this kind of feature and instead recommend call forwarding at the service provider/phone line level.

Setting Up Call Forwarding

Through your service provider:
To set up call forwarding through the service provider on the phone line contact the service number on the bill for that number. Most service centers should be able to set up call forwarding at your request. Some companies may charge a fee for setting up or providing that feature. In limited situations the call forwarding feature may not be available through your service provider. In that case you may use the fax number provided with your Updox account. Faxes sent directly to your Updox fax number will show in your Updox Inbox.

To manually set up call forwarding dial *72 from a phone connected to the phone line you want to call forward from. There will be a tone or prompt and you can then enter the number you want to forward to (in this case your Updox fax number).

NOTE: In some cases it may work best to port your number to Updox. To learn more about porting your fax number to Updox click here.

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